The 2nd edition of the popular book about electricity, power distribution, electrical safety, and more. It's the book that every live event production professional and aspiring professional should have and read.

This book covers everything from basic electricity to advanced power distribution systems including Ohm's law, the power formulas, 3-phase power distribution, electrical safety and more. It starts with the basics for the beginner (or as a review for more the more experienced) and builds to more advanced topics like 3-phase power, power factor, harmonics, and more.

New to This Edition:
This edition expands on the concepts developed in the first edition with more graphics and illustrations, and adds several new topics relevant to today's live events. New topics include portable power generators, battery power, LEDs, and updated information about personal protective equipment (PPE), safety, codes, and regulations.

Electricity for the Entertainment Electrician, 2nd

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