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Presented by Richard Cadena, ETCP RT/CEE

September 9, 10, 11 2024

Ruth Eckerd Hall

1111 McMullen Booth Road

Clearwater, FL 33759

9AM to 4PM


Three-day class covering basic to advanced electrics, power distribution, electrical safety, codes and regulations, and control systems for beginning to advanced lighting, audio, and video techs and production electricians.


This class covers topics that are listed as being in the content outline for the ETCP Entertainment Electrician Certification exam. 

  • ETCP re-certification credits for certified entertainment electricians 
  • 100-page+ workbook with graphic illustrations 
  • Complete information for beginners as well as experienced professionals including lighting, audio, and video techs and production electricians

Entertainment Electrics 3-Day Class Clearwater FL Sept 9-11, 2024

    • 9AM to 5PM daily for three days 
    • bring a calculator or smart phone with a calculator app 
    • bring a laptop, tablet, or smart phone (in order of preference) on the third day if you have one 
    • bring a pencil or pen (workbook is provided for note taking)
  • Please do not book non-refundable travel until notification that the minimum class size has been reached (6-8 attendees). 

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