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Now in its third edition, Electricity for the Entertainment Electrician & Technician is a comprehensive, practical study guide for aspiring and working professionals in live event production.


The book covers every aspect of power distribution from the fundamentals, like basic circuits, to 3-phase power, power calculations, grounding and bonding, electrical safety, portable power generators, and battery power. With ample photographs and illustrations, practice problems and solutions, and real-world examples from experience and first-hand accounts, it provides readers with the knowledge to safely design, set up, and monitor power distribution systems. The third edition expands on grounding and bonding, portable power generators, balanced and unbalanced 3-phase power calculations, battery power, and more. The last chapter walks readers through the process of prepping for a show, setting up a portable power distribution system, and monitoring every aspect of the system, including voltage, current, and heat using an infrared camera, explaining in detail best practices and the logic behind them.


Covering topics that are listed in the content outline for the ETCP Entertainment Electrician Certification exam as well as the ETCP Portable Power Distribution Technician Certification exam, this reference supports practicing technicians and provides new technicians the assistance they need for a successful career in the entertainment industry.


Additional resources, including conversion tables, voltage spreadsheets, articles from Lighting & Sound International, Lighting & Sound America, and Protocol, and animations and illustrations depicting electricity and electric power distribution developed for the author’s workshops, can be found on the companion website


Table of Contents


1. Foundations of Electrical Systems  

2. Circuits and Circuit Laws  

3. DC Power  

4. Introduction to Alternating Current  

5. 3-Phase Power  

6. Resistive, Capacitive, and Inductive Loads 

7. 3-Phase Power Calculations 

8. Portable Power Generators 

9. Battery Power  

10. Electrical Safety 

11. Grounding/Earthing and Bonding 

12. Overcurrent Protection 

13. Dimming Systems  

14. Portable Power Distribution 

15. Show Prep, Setup, and Monitoring 





Electricity for the Entertainment Electrician, 3rd

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