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Entertainment Electrics Resources 2024

If you are preparing to become an ETCP Certified Entertainment Electrician or an ETCP Certified Portable Power Distribution Technician:

•Read the ETCP Entertainment Electrician Candidate’s Handbook or the Portable Power Distribution Technician Candidate's Handbook, and pay close attention to the Content Outline

•Take an ETCP practice test. It costs $40 and it’s a great investment if you are planning to take the real exam. The money goes to the ESTA Foundation to offset the very high cost of developing the practice exam. 

•If you are taking the ETCP certification exam for the second or third time, I created an online resource to help people do better on the exam the second or third time they take it.  I recommend that you spend some time going through it.

ETCP Certified
Evaluation Quiz

If you are interested in evaluating your skills and knowledge related to entertainment electrics, I developed a free evaluation quiz to help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses. The idea is to use the results of this quiz to help you focus on those areas where you need help.

Additional Resources:



·      Electricity for Entertainment Electricians & Technicians, 3rd Edition, by Richard Cadena

·      Set Lighting Technician’s Handbook, 5th Edition, by Harry Box

·      Rock Solid Ethernet, 3rd Edition, by Wayne Howell

·      Automated Lighting: The Art and Science of Moving and Color-Changing Light, 3rd Edition by Richard Cadena

·      Light Bytes: Inside Art-Net and sACN, by Wayne Howell

·      NFPA 70: National Electrical Code Note: Focus on Articles 520 and 530. You should be able to read through both in one or two sittings.

·      Soare’s Book on Grounding and Bonding 2020 

·      Show Networks and Control Systems, 2nd Edition by John Huntington

·      Overcurrents and Undercurrents: All About GFCIs, AFCIs, and Similar Devices, by Earl W. Roberts



·      Lighting&Sound America

·      Lighting & Sound International

·      Protocol

·      Electrical Construction & Maintenance

·      PLSN



·      Technopolis: The World of Live Event Production

·      Mike Holt Newsletter

Video Shorts:

·      How Do GFCIs Work?

·      Protect the Stage

·      RDM Demonstration

·      What is any number divided by 0?

·      What Are Sines and Cosines?

·      Do I Need to Terminate DMX?


Web Sites:






Electrics Apps:

·      Ohm’s law practice

·      Power formula practice

·      Electrics Flashcards

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