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Ayrton Zonda 3 FX

The Ayrton Zonda 3 FX is an LED moving-head fixture with individually controllable RGBW clusters that allow you to use it as a beam, a wash, or to pixelmap.

Since its early days, Ayrton Digital Lighting has earned a reputation as an innovator. You need only look at the company’s “creation and innovation” web page ( to get an idea of what it has been up to over the last 20 years of developing unique technology for the entertainment industry. Some of the latest innovations, to name a few, include a 13-element optical zoom with a special Fresnel lens made specially for using framing shutters, gobos, or other lenses; an extreme focus range for beams under 1°; and a color wheel with color filters arranged in such a way that you can instantly access each color.

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