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ETC/High End Systems Halcyon Moving Light Family

The typical lighting rig often has some short-throw, medium-throw, and longthrow fixtures. The farther the throw distance, the more output a fixture needs to compete with the others.

Wouldn’t it make more sense if all those fixtures had the same gobos, colors, and features? High End Systems’ Halcyon Platinum, Titanium, and Gold constitute a family of moving yoke fixtures with almost identical features, including gobos, colors, framing shutters, and a host of others that make it attractive to rental houses, theatres, and other applications. Production professionals who set up systems will appreciate the size and weight reduction compared to fixtures with similar output, programmers will appreciate the ability to choose between CMY color mixing optimized for a color picker or one that is more linear, and designers will appreciate the intensity and color fidelity with the option to choose the light source that optimizes one or the other. All three models share features like remote zoom from 6° to about 60° (it varies slightly by model), fully closing framing shutters, 16-blade iris, a unique animation effect, Trifusion frost (light, medium, and heavy), prisms, and more.

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