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Vari-Lite VL3600 Profile IP

If you liked the Vari-Lite VL3500 Spot fixture, then you will love the VL3600 Profile IP. It’s smaller and brighter than the 3500, and is IP-rated, which seems to be the hot commodity in the entertainment lighting industry today.

The VL3600 Profile IP is an automated moving yoke lighting fixture featuring a 1,000W white light LED engine that, according to the manufacturer, produces 85,000 source lumens. The VL3500 was launched in 2012, and now —almost 11 years later—the VL3600 Profile IP forgoes the 1,200W short arc lamp for a 1,000W white light LED engine with more than double the output. According to the specs, the VL3600 Profile IP outputs 45,000 lumens in (or 36,000 lumens with a boosted CRI) compared to about 20,000 lumens in the The color-mixing system in the VL3600 Profile IP includes a CMY+CTO graduated color wheel and a CRI boost filter. VL3500 Spot. It also raises the IP rating to 65, which means it can withstand the elements in outdoor environments. The fixture is also about 10% smaller than the 3500, although it’s also heavier at 105lb. It has pretty much the same features, which include CMY color mixing, a CTO color wheel, CRI boost, minus green filters, 5.5°-to-50° remote zoom, three animation effects wheels, two gobo wheels (one with rotating gobos and the other with static gobos), a four-blade full-wipe framing system with 120° of rotation, iris, and two prisms: one 3-facet and one linear.

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